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Welcome to Dolphinocean blog site!

This is a personal blog space dedicated to giving voice for Trayvon Benjamin Martin against the injustice and vitriol heaped upon him by the killer’s supporters.

Most of all, I hold strong contempt against the now fired and defunct ex-police chief and his cronies in SPD for their early attempt to pervert justice in favor of the killer. And worst of all, the ex-police chief had the audacity to present falsehood before the public and denigrade Trayvon with his killer’s own words in order to protect and defend the killer with SYGL.

I thank all of you who stand fast against those who relentlessly engage in dishonest debate tactics and false argument in their futile attempt to make a case of self-defense for the killer, George Zimmerman, based solely on the killer’s words without regards to fact, testimony and physical evidence.

Yes, you too, sharon!

Happy blogging!

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