About me

Keningau E Malaysia 1982 waterfall pose 5
I am a college educated Asian guy who was born and raised overseas (Southeast Asia) but now reside in the U.S.

I love nature.

I was in the equatorial rainforest for about two years in logging and sawmilling operation. After work, I love to drive my four wheel drive further into the deep forest and walk a short distance down the slope to the cascading watefalls to take a cold bath after a hot humid day at work. I usually carry a saber for protection from snakes and other wild animals.

I love dolphins, dogs and most animals, including snakes. I remember when I was about five or six years old, my father caught a big python. It was a 6-footer.

Once, as I was leaning on the cage to watch the python feeding on a chicken, I suddenly heard a loud scream behind me. I turned and saw this 18 year old young man panicking as my father grabbed him from behind and pushed him towards the cage where I was standing. 

My dad was teasing him for being afraid of snake. In his timid curiosity, he was standing five feet behind me to catch a glimpse of the snake.

I also love deep sea diving.

With scuba gears we went down 100 to 200 feet down the South China Sea to appreciate the beautiful coral reefs and colorful fish of all kinds coming near to our face to inspect us as we watch them with mutual curiosity. Without the scuba gears I could go down skin diving 20 to 40 feet with one breath while exploring around at the bottom within short distances.

On human affair, I like to speak out and speak my mine when I see injuctice being done by one human being to another.

Hence, this blog.


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