Analysis of lab report in Zimmerman’s case – Part 1

This article is about analyzing the FDLE lab report, specifically with regards to the finding of “contact shot” in Trayvon’s body and an examination of Zimmerman’s claim on how he shot Trayvon. Later, the blood and DNA evidence will also be examined.

Here’s the link to the FDLE lab reort:

Does the lab report indicate that Trayvon was on top of Zimmerman when the contact shot was fired as Zimmerman claimed?

Or could it be that Trayvon and Zimmerman were in an upright position such as in standing or kneeling position when Zimmerman shot and killed Trayvon at contact range?

Both positions are possible to produce close range shot that is consistent with a contact shot but with a huge difference. 

To find out, let’s do a little more digging.

Let’s go to page 21/21 (last page of the pdf documents from above link. This lab report was from gunshot residual analysis done on Zimmerman’s clothings he wore that night. They were:

1. FDLE item #12/DMS-16: one grey Layer & Performance long sleeve shirt
2. FDLE item#13/DMS-19: one orange and grey Free County jacket

Here is the finding:

“The shirt and jacket were visually, microscopically and chemically processed for the presence of gunshot residues. Chemical testing indicated one particle of lead on the upper back portion of the right sleeve of the jacket. No other residues were found on the jacket or the shirt. (emphasis mine)”

This is very significant because if Trayvon was on top of Zimmerman when he was allegedly slamming Zimmerman’s head or having one of his hands on Zimmerman’s nose while Zimmerman was aiming his gun towards Trayvon’s chest, then the space between Trayvon’s chest and Zimmerman‘s body would be so tightly confined that when the shot was fired, the blast that propelled the bullet forward towards Trayvon’s chest would cause a shock wave that expand as a cone behind the bullet with its base towards Zimmerman.

Here’s the gist of it. If Zimmerman was truly pinned down on his back by Trayvon as he claimed, there is no way the lab would come back with finding of “one particle of lead on the upper back portion of the right sleeve of the jacket.”

Not only that. The lab report positively reported that “No other residues were found on the jacket or the shirt.”

If Trayvon was straddling and sitting on top of Zimmerman while leaning forward to grab Zimmerman’s head or suffocate him, there would be a lot more gunshot residues all over the upper front portion of Zimmerman’s clothings. Therefore, the gunshot residues should be found also at the cuffs, sleeves and all over the upper front portion of Zimmerman’s shirt and jacket, in conjunction with the sleeves or cuff portions of Trayvon’s sweat shirt. But, according to the lab report, no residues were found on other area of Trayvon’s body except the entry wound area.

In a narrow space where the shooter was pinned down against the ground, the gas would expand outward and downward due to blasting force and gravity. The blast of gaseous residues would not be readily escaped and dispersed into the atmosphere. Most residues would mushroom down toward’s zimmerman’s body and sleeves and also would expand upward and sideways towards Trayvon‘s sleeves and cuffs areas. There would be a lot more residues on Zimmerman’s right sleeve and cuff then just one particle of lead.

Also, if Trayvon was shot while on top of Zimmerman there would be relatively more splatters of blood, even microscopic, from Trayvon to Zimmerman’s clothing, if not copious amount, if the postion described by Zimmerman was true.

Now on Zimmerman’s clothing stains which I would cover in more detail in subsequent analysis, most of them were from his own blood. On those that showed mixed DNA profiles, most were Zimmerman’s. Trayvon were either conclusively excluded or not determinable. Only stain N shows conclusively a match for both Zimmerman and Trayvon. Since the lab report did not specify the location of the stain, nothing can be said about this one stain.

Clearly, the lab finding strongly refutes Zimmerman’s claim that he fired a shot at Trayvon’s chest while he was being pinned under Trayvon with Trayvon sitting on top of him. Since Zimmerman’s account is clearly disproven by the FDLE lab finding, there should be a more plausible theory that can be proposed to fit what the forensic evidence shows.

I’ll continue this analysis in my next post, part 2.


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