Zimmerman showed no sign of stress following the shooting

George Zimmerman claimed that on the night of February 26, 2012 that he was knocked down onto the ground and was severely beaten in the face and his head was slammed by Trayvon Martin against the concrete walkway until he nearly lost conciousness. Objective evidence and witness testimony showed Zimmerman wasn’t even coming close to being stressed that night. On that night, a witness and the EMT provided evidence showing Zimmerman wasn’t anywhere near that extreme stress level of fighting for his life.

The objective evidence was the vital sign taken by the EMS soon after the shooting.

So, according to the EMT report, Zimmerman was warm and dry with normal skin color. His breathing was 12 to 20, normal. Also listed as within normal limit are his airway, breathing quality, accessory muscle use (meaning ordinary resting level breathing without extraordinary assistance from other supportive muscles), chest rise, radial pulse (meaning normal heart rate), skin temperature, skin moisture (meaning no sweat), skin turgor, cap refill, pupil size and reaction.

Zimmerman’s restful and unexcited vital signs were reflected by his calm demeanor immediately after the shooting as noted by witness no.13.

Witness no. 13 said he spoke to a calm Zimmerman immediately after the shooting when Zimmerman nonchalantly told him to “Just tell my wife I shot somebody” as if it was nothing.


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I am a college educated regular guy who was born and raised overseas but now reside in the U.S. I love nature but despise injustice.
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