Zimmerman was once a bouncer but couldn’t handle a teenager without going for his gun?

Between 2001 to 2005 Zimmerman worked for two different agencies providing security to illegal house parties. It was reported that he was let go because he became a liability to the business due to his violent temper.

As a bouncer, Zimmerman had the interpersonal hands-on experience of dealing with volatile confrontation in all kinds of hostile situations. He would have frequent dealings with individuals or groups from all walks of life including hardcore criminal elements. Getting into a fight and getting himself out of a dangerous situation must be like bread and butter to him.

However, being a bouncer he should be able to defray a confrontational situation and de-escalate it down into a non-violence situation. Unless of course he had that belligerent character to escalate a simple disagreement into a volatile situation.

To be hired as a bouncer, most likely one has to have some background in criminal justice or has security experience besides looking tough and ferociously mean. Also, having played in some kind of rough contact sports, wrestling, martial arts, or had dealing in the past with real life combat skills such as street fighting skills are essential qualities in order to handle weapons such as broken bottles, flying chairs, knifes, guns, etc. He would certainly have peers in his street life willing to be his referees of his no nonsense, tough character.

In the event of being put in a life threatening situation such as strangulation, head slam, or being pinned in a collar hold or choke hold, one must be able to apply effective counter techniques to get oneself out of the binding situation quickly.

Having been in that line of work, it would seem that “fearing for his life” in Zimmerman’s case would be the very last thing to occur. We certainly would expect him to block oncoming punches and not just lay there on the ground to take puches and head slamming that he would have us believe that was what he was doing on the day he said Trayvon attacked him. We would expect him to fight back fist with fist and exhaust his physical capability before resorting to lethal weapon to justify killing in self-defense. Even then, he must show that there is imminent threat to his life if lethal force is not used.

Certainly, given his background, his claim of fearing for his life wouldn’t be rearing its head so lightning fast , if ever, within a minute to three minutes of encounter with an unarmed teenager who, according to Trayvon’s previous coach who had known him for years and from all his friends, had no prior history of confrontation with another person let alone involving in a fight.

Actually, from the point of two men on the ground, screaming and shot fired the whole fighting or struggling event was somewhere around 47 seconds. Not even a minute.

But, then previously when I posted this argument a supporter of Zimmerman argued that a person doesn’t have to have any fighting skills or being rough and tough to be able to handle volatile situation. He argued that one could be hired as a bouncer if he was able to keep things peacefully under control before it gets into a heated situation.

Well, then, Zimmerman doesn’t have that kind of temperament to do just that, keeping things peacefully under control. If he did, Trayvon would be alive today. And if he did, he won’t have a history of violence against a law enforcement officer, or his ex-fiancee, or the drunk woman he flung across the room. So, what was it in Zimmerman that he was hired as a bouncer for some illegal private parties?

We also know that Zimmerman had history of domestic violence, resisting arrest and felony battery on a law enforcement office which were pleaded down and then dropped altogether.

In his application to the Seminole County Sheriff’s Office for the Citizens Police Academic he mentioned those charges but as always, it is never Zimmerman’s fault but is always the victim who threw the first punch even though it was Zimmerman who started the whole thing. Sounds familiar?

In his application he said that the officer never identified himself but assaulted him first. Hard to believe, isn’t it? Again, sounds familiar?

That fatal night when Trayvon was killed, who failed to identify himself and who claimed who hit the first punch?

Why would an uncover officer have to come to Zimmerman and personally identify himself to him when he wasn’t the one subject to an arrest?

At that time the officer was involved in a ATF sting for underage drinking. I’m sure the officer did a general announcement or identified himself personally to the underage youth he was about to arrest when Zimmerman saw fit to step into a police official business to intervene for his underage friend.

Certainly, we can see the pattern in Zimmerman’s character from his past leading up to his shooting of Trayvon Martin. As for me, his variable stories that painted him as a meek and helpless victim when the known evidence clearly showed otherwise are a load of craps that stink to high heaven.  Yet, many of his gullible supporters have bought his stories hooks, lines and sinkers without any question or doubt.



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I am a college educated regular guy who was born and raised overseas but now reside in the U.S. I love nature but despise injustice.
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