Analysis of lab report in Zimmerman’s case – Part 2

Now, let’s take a look at the blood and DNA analyses on Zimmerman’s hand gun which was used to shoot Trayvon Martin on February 26, 2012.

The following forensic swaps were taken from Zimmerman’s weapon, handgun:

1. Grip
2. Trigger
3. Slide
4. Holster

Here are the forensic results for test of presence of blood:

1. Grip: showed positive chemical indication for blood.

2. Trigger: Not mentioned.

3. Slide: No indication for blood.

4. Holster: No indication for blood.

DNA analysis was performed on Zimmerman’s handgun. Here’s the forensic result:

1. Grip: Mixed DNA profile belonging to at least two individuals found. The major contribution originated from Zimmerman. Trayvon Martin is excluded as a contributor to this mixed DNA.

2. Trigger: result cannot be interpreted due to limited nature of DNA results.

3. Slide: result cannot be interpreted for inclusion purpose due to limited nature of DNA results.

4. Holster: Mixed DNA profile of a least three individuals found. The major DNA profile originated from Zimmerman. No determination can be made regarding the possible contribution of Trayvon Martin to the mixed DNA profile.

So, what do all these mean? Here’s my impression:

The blood evidence indicates that Zimmerman could not have been pinned down by Trayvon when the shot was fired into Trayvon’s chest. According to Zimmerman during an interview by a Sanford Police Department (SPD) investigator, while talking about Trayvon getting on top of him, he stated that:

“He was like putting all his weight on my nose and my mouth trying to suffocate me.”

Zimmerman further said:

“He was like creating a crevice with his body …”

At one point the investigator asked:

“How do you come to fire upon him in that position cause you lay now like this … on your back right?”

Zimmerman said:

“I think I went far enough to where I could make sure to pass my other hand and in his general area.”

The investigator then said:

“Right, there’s not a whole lot distance between you and him.”

Zimmerman answered: “Right.”

And the investigator said: “So you can’t fully extend your arm.”

From these we know there wasn’t a lot of room in the “crevice” between Trayvon leaning over trying to grab Zimmerman’s head for the head slamming just before the shot was fired. So, if this account is to be believed, there should be some microscopic high velocity blood splatter from Trayvon’s chest wound found on the slide of the gun and also on the right cuff, sleeve and the front of Zimmerman’s jacket. This is to be expected according to Newton’s third law of motion, that states:

“For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.”

So, was Trayvon leaning over Zimmerman when the shot was fired? Not according to the forensic evidence.

What about the recent finding by Michael Knox, a retired Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office detective and crime scene investigator, who published some of the findings in his book, “Intermediate Range: The Forensic Evidence in the Killing of Trayvon Martin” as reported in the following link?

Knox’s conclusion states that:

“Martin was in fact leaning over Zimmerman when the fatal shot was fired, just as Zimmerman has maintained.”

Here is what the Click Orlando report stated regarding how knox came to his conclusion:

“To reach that last conclusion, Knox examined both a Florida Department of Law Enforcement report on the gunshot’s impact to the hooded sweatshirt Martin was wearing and the autopsy report describing the gunshot wound to the body.

The medical examiner determined the gunshot was fired from “intermediate range,” but the hoodie showed a “contact” shot, indicating the muzzle of Zimmerman’s gun was touching or extremely close to the fabric when the shot was fired.

Knox explained that the loose fitting sweatshirt was farther away from the body because of gravity, which pulled it down as Martin was situated above Zimmerman.

That is consistent with Zimmerman’s claim that he was on his back struggling with Martin when he reached for the gun, pointed it upward and fired, Knox said”

But the conclusion Knox came up with failed to take into consideration the SPD detective’s interview of Zimmerman regarding the postion he claimed he was placed under by Trayvon as outlined in my above discussion.

According to Zimmerman, there was not a whole lot of distance in the “crevice” between him and Trayvon for Trayvon’s loose-fitting sweatshirt to be hanging down by gravity without having Zimmerman’s gun muzzle pressing tightly back up against the sweatshirt against Trayvon’s chest.

This was noted by the SPD investigator who at one point pointed out to Zimmerman while he was describing the position he was in before the shot was fired in which the investigator said of Zimmerman’s gun: “…push into him”

So, if Zimmerman’s own account is to be believed, the forensic result for the chest wound and the sweatshirt would both be at contact range. Since the forensic evidence refute Zimmerman’s account, one possibility is that both Trayvon and Zimmerman were at an upright position, either standing or kneeling, while Trayvon’s sweatshirt was being grabbed right before the shot was fired. Another possible scenario would be for Trayvon to be laying on his back with Zimmerman leaning over him and grabbing Trayvon’s sweatshirt at the moment of firing. This scenario is supported by the blood trails from the head wounds of the back of Zimmerman’s head that flowed downward and towards the face.

Coincidentally, during the interview by SPD investigator Zimmerman had mentioned something about the firing to the effect:

“I make sure it pass my hand …I think I make sure that I wasn’t cause my hand was in the way.”

With regards to the DNA results, Trayvon’s DNA is conclusively excluded from the grip of the gun. The forensic evidence showed that there were at least two other individuals whose DNA profiles were found on the grip of the gun.

Also found were mixed DNA profiles belonging to at least three individuals in which no determination can be made regarding the possible contribution of Trayvon Martin to the mixed DNA profile. Given that Zimmerman’s holster was worn at the inside band of the back of his right hip, it is very unlikely that Trayvon would have been able to touch it when the most accessible part of the gun, the hand grip, showed no DNA profile from Trayvon.

So, who were the individuals whose DNA profiles were found on Zimmerman’s gun? Were they there the night of the shooting and were they involved in handling Zimmerman’s weapon? Did Zimmerman showed off his gun and holster to other people during other times before the fatal encounter with Trayvon? Those questions remained to be answered. Meantime, Zimmerman’s account of that night when the shot was fired did not add up according to forensic finding.

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Analysis of lab report in Zimmerman’s case – Part 1

This article is about analyzing the FDLE lab report, specifically with regards to the finding of “contact shot” in Trayvon’s body and an examination of Zimmerman’s claim on how he shot Trayvon. Later, the blood and DNA evidence will also be examined.

Here’s the link to the FDLE lab reort:

Does the lab report indicate that Trayvon was on top of Zimmerman when the contact shot was fired as Zimmerman claimed?

Or could it be that Trayvon and Zimmerman were in an upright position such as in standing or kneeling position when Zimmerman shot and killed Trayvon at contact range?

Both positions are possible to produce close range shot that is consistent with a contact shot but with a huge difference. 

To find out, let’s do a little more digging.

Let’s go to page 21/21 (last page of the pdf documents from above link. This lab report was from gunshot residual analysis done on Zimmerman’s clothings he wore that night. They were:

1. FDLE item #12/DMS-16: one grey Layer & Performance long sleeve shirt
2. FDLE item#13/DMS-19: one orange and grey Free County jacket

Here is the finding:

“The shirt and jacket were visually, microscopically and chemically processed for the presence of gunshot residues. Chemical testing indicated one particle of lead on the upper back portion of the right sleeve of the jacket. No other residues were found on the jacket or the shirt. (emphasis mine)”

This is very significant because if Trayvon was on top of Zimmerman when he was allegedly slamming Zimmerman’s head or having one of his hands on Zimmerman’s nose while Zimmerman was aiming his gun towards Trayvon’s chest, then the space between Trayvon’s chest and Zimmerman‘s body would be so tightly confined that when the shot was fired, the blast that propelled the bullet forward towards Trayvon’s chest would cause a shock wave that expand as a cone behind the bullet with its base towards Zimmerman.

Here’s the gist of it. If Zimmerman was truly pinned down on his back by Trayvon as he claimed, there is no way the lab would come back with finding of “one particle of lead on the upper back portion of the right sleeve of the jacket.”

Not only that. The lab report positively reported that “No other residues were found on the jacket or the shirt.”

If Trayvon was straddling and sitting on top of Zimmerman while leaning forward to grab Zimmerman’s head or suffocate him, there would be a lot more gunshot residues all over the upper front portion of Zimmerman’s clothings. Therefore, the gunshot residues should be found also at the cuffs, sleeves and all over the upper front portion of Zimmerman’s shirt and jacket, in conjunction with the sleeves or cuff portions of Trayvon’s sweat shirt. But, according to the lab report, no residues were found on other area of Trayvon’s body except the entry wound area.

In a narrow space where the shooter was pinned down against the ground, the gas would expand outward and downward due to blasting force and gravity. The blast of gaseous residues would not be readily escaped and dispersed into the atmosphere. Most residues would mushroom down toward’s zimmerman’s body and sleeves and also would expand upward and sideways towards Trayvon‘s sleeves and cuffs areas. There would be a lot more residues on Zimmerman’s right sleeve and cuff then just one particle of lead.

Also, if Trayvon was shot while on top of Zimmerman there would be relatively more splatters of blood, even microscopic, from Trayvon to Zimmerman’s clothing, if not copious amount, if the postion described by Zimmerman was true.

Now on Zimmerman’s clothing stains which I would cover in more detail in subsequent analysis, most of them were from his own blood. On those that showed mixed DNA profiles, most were Zimmerman’s. Trayvon were either conclusively excluded or not determinable. Only stain N shows conclusively a match for both Zimmerman and Trayvon. Since the lab report did not specify the location of the stain, nothing can be said about this one stain.

Clearly, the lab finding strongly refutes Zimmerman’s claim that he fired a shot at Trayvon’s chest while he was being pinned under Trayvon with Trayvon sitting on top of him. Since Zimmerman’s account is clearly disproven by the FDLE lab finding, there should be a more plausible theory that can be proposed to fit what the forensic evidence shows.

I’ll continue this analysis in my next post, part 2.

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Zimmerman’s photo draws more questions than answer

This color photo of Zimmerman allegedly taken by a SPD police officer on February 26, 2012 was released by Mark

Omara on December 3, 2012/

This color photo of Zimmerman as shown above, allegedly taken by the SPD police officer on the night of February 26 in which Trayvon Martin was shot to death, was recently released by Zimmerman’s defense team on December 3, 2012. Supporters of Zimmerman’s defense immediately claimed that the photo proved Trayvon savagely beat Zimmerman into a bloody pulp that night.

But, on many levels, this photograph raised more questions and casted even more doubts about the photo and Zimmerman’s claim than helping proved his case of self-defense.

Here are the points for consideration:

1. The zipper magic.

The above photo was said to be taken while Zimmerman was hand-cuffed and sitting in the police car. Notice the zipper of his jacket was zipped all the way up to the collar. But, somehow when he exited the police car at the SPD station while still in hand-cuff, his jacket zippper was now completely unzipped and his jacket wide open. How did that happen?

See the SPD surveillance video still shot below:

SPD surveillance video still shot of Zimmerman exiting the police car in hand-cuff with jacket completely unzipped.

2.  Miracle healing of swollen nose.

Somehow Zimmerman’s swollen nose, as seen in the above photo, was miraculously resolved when another photo of his face was taken about four hours later at the SPD. How did that happen? To those who stood-by Zimmerman’s position, please tell me how the severely swollen nose got suddenly deflated to normal condition as seen in the line-up photos the SPD took at the station?

See the photo below:

Photo of Zimmerman taken at SPD on the night of Trayvon Martin shooting.

3.  No tranfer of Zimmerman’s nose blood on Trayvon’s hands.

Zimmerman claimed that Trayvon sucker-punched him to the ground and then savagely beat him on the face repeatedly for more than a dozen times. He then claimed that Trayvon grabbed his head and repeatedly slammed it into the concrete to the point he felt like his head was going to explode. But then somehow for some unknown reason, Trayvon gave that up also and chose to kill him by suffocation instead. Apparently, Trayvon wasn’t very good in trying to kill a person with brute force. The claim was that Trayvon put his hands on Zimmerman’s nose and mouth in an attempt to suffocate him to death while Zimmerman was just laying there screaming for help throughout all these ordeals.

Now, to those who support Zimmerman’s claim of self-defense, mind explaining to me how Trayvon managed to get NO BLOOD or DNA transfer on his hands from smothering Zimmerman’s supposedly bloody nose and mouth?

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Zimmerman showed no sign of stress following the shooting

George Zimmerman claimed that on the night of February 26, 2012 that he was knocked down onto the ground and was severely beaten in the face and his head was slammed by Trayvon Martin against the concrete walkway until he nearly lost conciousness. Objective evidence and witness testimony showed Zimmerman wasn’t even coming close to being stressed that night. On that night, a witness and the EMT provided evidence showing Zimmerman wasn’t anywhere near that extreme stress level of fighting for his life.

The objective evidence was the vital sign taken by the EMS soon after the shooting.

So, according to the EMT report, Zimmerman was warm and dry with normal skin color. His breathing was 12 to 20, normal. Also listed as within normal limit are his airway, breathing quality, accessory muscle use (meaning ordinary resting level breathing without extraordinary assistance from other supportive muscles), chest rise, radial pulse (meaning normal heart rate), skin temperature, skin moisture (meaning no sweat), skin turgor, cap refill, pupil size and reaction.

Zimmerman’s restful and unexcited vital signs were reflected by his calm demeanor immediately after the shooting as noted by witness no.13.

Witness no. 13 said he spoke to a calm Zimmerman immediately after the shooting when Zimmerman nonchalantly told him to “Just tell my wife I shot somebody” as if it was nothing.

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Zimmerman was once a bouncer but couldn’t handle a teenager without going for his gun?

Between 2001 to 2005 Zimmerman worked for two different agencies providing security to illegal house parties. It was reported that he was let go because he became a liability to the business due to his violent temper.

As a bouncer, Zimmerman had the interpersonal hands-on experience of dealing with volatile confrontation in all kinds of hostile situations. He would have frequent dealings with individuals or groups from all walks of life including hardcore criminal elements. Getting into a fight and getting himself out of a dangerous situation must be like bread and butter to him.

However, being a bouncer he should be able to defray a confrontational situation and de-escalate it down into a non-violence situation. Unless of course he had that belligerent character to escalate a simple disagreement into a volatile situation.

To be hired as a bouncer, most likely one has to have some background in criminal justice or has security experience besides looking tough and ferociously mean. Also, having played in some kind of rough contact sports, wrestling, martial arts, or had dealing in the past with real life combat skills such as street fighting skills are essential qualities in order to handle weapons such as broken bottles, flying chairs, knifes, guns, etc. He would certainly have peers in his street life willing to be his referees of his no nonsense, tough character.

In the event of being put in a life threatening situation such as strangulation, head slam, or being pinned in a collar hold or choke hold, one must be able to apply effective counter techniques to get oneself out of the binding situation quickly.

Having been in that line of work, it would seem that “fearing for his life” in Zimmerman’s case would be the very last thing to occur. We certainly would expect him to block oncoming punches and not just lay there on the ground to take puches and head slamming that he would have us believe that was what he was doing on the day he said Trayvon attacked him. We would expect him to fight back fist with fist and exhaust his physical capability before resorting to lethal weapon to justify killing in self-defense. Even then, he must show that there is imminent threat to his life if lethal force is not used.

Certainly, given his background, his claim of fearing for his life wouldn’t be rearing its head so lightning fast , if ever, within a minute to three minutes of encounter with an unarmed teenager who, according to Trayvon’s previous coach who had known him for years and from all his friends, had no prior history of confrontation with another person let alone involving in a fight.

Actually, from the point of two men on the ground, screaming and shot fired the whole fighting or struggling event was somewhere around 47 seconds. Not even a minute.

But, then previously when I posted this argument a supporter of Zimmerman argued that a person doesn’t have to have any fighting skills or being rough and tough to be able to handle volatile situation. He argued that one could be hired as a bouncer if he was able to keep things peacefully under control before it gets into a heated situation.

Well, then, Zimmerman doesn’t have that kind of temperament to do just that, keeping things peacefully under control. If he did, Trayvon would be alive today. And if he did, he won’t have a history of violence against a law enforcement officer, or his ex-fiancee, or the drunk woman he flung across the room. So, what was it in Zimmerman that he was hired as a bouncer for some illegal private parties?

We also know that Zimmerman had history of domestic violence, resisting arrest and felony battery on a law enforcement office which were pleaded down and then dropped altogether.

In his application to the Seminole County Sheriff’s Office for the Citizens Police Academic he mentioned those charges but as always, it is never Zimmerman’s fault but is always the victim who threw the first punch even though it was Zimmerman who started the whole thing. Sounds familiar?

In his application he said that the officer never identified himself but assaulted him first. Hard to believe, isn’t it? Again, sounds familiar?

That fatal night when Trayvon was killed, who failed to identify himself and who claimed who hit the first punch?

Why would an uncover officer have to come to Zimmerman and personally identify himself to him when he wasn’t the one subject to an arrest?

At that time the officer was involved in a ATF sting for underage drinking. I’m sure the officer did a general announcement or identified himself personally to the underage youth he was about to arrest when Zimmerman saw fit to step into a police official business to intervene for his underage friend.

Certainly, we can see the pattern in Zimmerman’s character from his past leading up to his shooting of Trayvon Martin. As for me, his variable stories that painted him as a meek and helpless victim when the known evidence clearly showed otherwise are a load of craps that stink to high heaven.  Yet, many of his gullible supporters have bought his stories hooks, lines and sinkers without any question or doubt.


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Trayvon Martin case: Is witness no. 6 reliable?

Other than Zimmerman’s words, was there any evidence to support the claim that Trayvon initiated the fight and got on top of Zimmerman to savagely pummel his face and repeatedly slammed his head into the concrete for nearly a minute? Other than the “broken nose” and some scalp wounds to the back of Zimmerman’s head, when push come to shoves pro-zimmerman supporters would point to a witness “John” whom they claimed to have seen it all.

“John” the eyewitness whose account of that night has now become the linchpin to all the bases of pro-zimmerman argument that Martin was the one attacking Zimmerman and slammed his head repeatedly into the concrete.

They even called Martin a thug who committed felony assault or even attempted murder on Zimmerman.

People who adamantly support Zimmerman and defended his claim of self defense in the shooting of Martin have based their belief on this eyewitness who claimed to have been physically there at his back porch to actually saw the fight taking place prior to the shooting.

From the account of this witness, Zimmerman supporters claimed:

1. Zimmerman was beaten up by Martin who was on top and had his head slammed repeatedly into the concrete.

2. The witness was actually there when Zimmerman was screaming to him for help. 

Zimmerman supporters claimed that this is the story we have to go with based on this witness testimony that supported Zimmerman’s claim of self-defense. But, is this witness reliable with respect to this claim?

Was he actually physically there that night and witnessed the whole thing?

Now, let’s take a look at what this witness, “John”, who claimed to have seen:

From my Fox Orlando, “John” said: 

“The guy on the bottom, who had a red sweater on, was yelling to me, ‘Help! Help!’ and I told him to stop, and I was calling 911,” said the witness, who asked to be identified only by his first name, John. John said he locked his patio door, ran upstairs and heard at least one gun shot. ”And then, when I got upstairs and looked down, the guy who was on the top beating up the other guy, was the one laying in the grass, and I believe he was dead at that point.”Trayvon Martin shot and killed in neighborhood altercation

Before I get to the meat of the analysis of this witness’ account, let me point out that nothing this witness said contained any element that supports pro-zimmerman’s claim that this witness account was consistent with Zimmerman’s claim that Martin slammed his head repeatedly into the concrete.

Another point I want to make is that it was very dark out there at the back between the two rows of buildings. So, any dark colored clothing such as red, green, brown, etc would simply appeal as dark or black shaded color in the dark environment.

It would be very difficult to differentiate one dark colored clothing such as brown or dark green from another dark color clothing such as red or purple. More so when the person wearing it was pinned down at the bottom (even darker when object was moving about in the struggle). Even more so when the clothing Zimmerman worn that night wasn’t all red in one whole piece.

Zimmerman’s sleeve and the side of his fleece jacket extending to the upper back portion were actually solid black colors. If Zimmerman was pinned down on the bottom by Martin, the only portion of his clothing that were more likelly to be seen were the sleeve and the side portion, which were solid black in color.

See the police surveillance video: Trayvon Martin Case: Exclusive Surveillance Video of George Zimmerman – ABC News

Here’s what was reported: “Zimmerman, 28, is wearing a red and black fleece and his face and head are cleanly shaven.”

To claim under those conditions that the witness could discern not only the color but also the type of clothing, i.e. a sweater, is very hard to believe, if not implausible.  

The often quoted transcript, “The guy on the bottom, who had a red sweater on” is taken by media and many other sources to be what the witness actually said. Actually, that wasn’t quite what the witness said when he told the Fox reporter. Listen to the video at the link. At 00:36 he was quivering something like “he probably had a red sweater on”.  

The reason I believe he was quivering on this part is because he wasn’t there when the fight was taking place. His specific knowledge of Zimmerman wearing the red sweater was probably acquired by his being there with Zimmerman after the shooting and especially after police had come to the scene. He most likely went out there only after the fact of the shooting and after his 911 call when the police had taken charge at the scene and not during the fight as he claimed.

At this point, he might have learnt that Zimmerman was the Neighborhood watch captain and Martin was the “suspect” whom he shot dead for being “up to no good”. Whether he had knew Zimmerman as the Neighborhood watch captain or as a friend personally before this event occurred is in question. 

Here’s the reason I believe this is after-the-fact story and should be taken with a grain of salt, especially before he is being cross-examined during the trial.

If you listened to his 911 call that night, none of what he said he saw at the scene (the guy with the red sweater being at the bottom) or heard (the guy yelling to him, not just yelling to anyone, “Help, Help”) was ever mentioned in his 911 call.

Not only did he fail to mention any of that to the 911 operator that he was physically there watching the fight at his back porch, he specifically told the 811 operator: 

“The guy’s yelling help and I’m not going outside.” 

You hear that?

He was not going outside. Not that he had been outside just a while ago and saw all the fighting, but no, he was not going outside. Period. 

If you had been outside just a short while ago and had witnessed the fight, would you not report it to the 911 operator? Would you just say, “I’m not going outside” or wouldn’t you at least say, “I’m not going back out there again”?

At the beginning of the 911 call he started with:  

“Ahh police I just heard a shot right behind my house.”  

Then, there was this interruption, an inaudible voice, which could be a lost signal or slight signal interruption as he walked towards the second floor balcony to take a peek down towards the back to see what was going on. 

This kind of response is more consistent with other callers who had no clue what’s going on and had called in to report they just heard the argument and then the shooting. Callers usually responded this way because they haven’t yet seen what was going on and therefore had no clue but could only say,  

“I just heard a shot right behind my house.” 

This is consistent with another lady who called in before the shot was fire said she was hiding upstair and added “I don’t want to go down there …”

See: Trayvon Martin Case 911 Calls Time Stamped part 1 (placed before gunshot) – YouTube  

Witnesses who have first hand encounter with a tragic event will most likely report they were there and saw the event unfold.

If “John” had been outside he would surely had said something like:

“Ahh, police I just came from my back porch where I saw the guy on the bottom, who had a red sweater on, was yelling to me, ‘Help! Help!’ and I told the guy on top to stop, and I was calling 911.”

Or he could at least said:

“I don’t know. The guy’s at the bottom yelling help and I’m not going back outside.

Another thing I find it unusual is that he didn’t mentioned anything about the guy on top. Not his shape, clothing color or “hoodie”.

Here’s the caller’s 911 call:

Witness John 911 Call – YouTube 

Here’s the transcript: 

911: “911, do you need police, fire or medical?” 

Caller: “Ahh police I just heard a shot right behind my house.” 

911: “Where at?”

Caller: [Inaudible] They are wrestling right in the back of my porch.” 

911: “You just heard one shot go off?” 

Caller: “It was either that or a rock hit something. I don’t know. The guy’s yelling help and I’m not going outside.”[Background noise… phone ringing] 

911: [Inaudible]… is that one or two words, cause it’s not accepting it.” 

911: “Ok and you can hear somebody yelling for help?” 

Caller: “Uhm I’m pretty sure the guy’s dead out here…holy ****.” 

911: “Ok we have several people calling in also. Anything else that you heard?” 

Caller: “Ah a guy yelling “help”. Oh my God…uhm no. There’s a guy with a flashlight in the back yard right now.” 

911: “Mmm…k.” 

Caller: “Uh I think there’s flashlight and there;s a guy. I don’t know if that’s a cop. Oh my God.” 

911: “Ok I have several calls and you just heard…you’re sure…did you hear, when you heard voices there was just one person talking right?” 

Caller: “There’s two guys…there’s two guys, there’s one…there’s two guys in the back yard with flash lights.” 

911: “Ok.” 

Caller: “Uhm and there’s a black guy down that looks like he’s been shot and dead.” 

911: “Ok” 

Caller: “He’s laying and there’s multiple people calling right now I’m thinking.” 

911: “Ok I have several officers going out there , Ok.” 

Caller: “Ok. Thank you.” 

911: “Thank you. By bye.” 

Caller: “”Bye.”

Now that this witness not only changed and recanted the pertinent part of his story, the timing of his 911 call to report the fighting casts a suspicion not only to his story but his integrity and honesty in the case.

On that night he said when he heard the commotion in his backyard he was watching TV at his living room with his girl friend. After he muted his TV he went to his kitchen at the back of his house to investigate. Then, according to him, he opened his backporch door, witnessed the two on the ground struggling and then called out to them to stop and warned them of calling 911.

Upon locking his backporch door he told his girl friend to get off the phone and went upstair to call 911. The questions I have are:

1. Who was his girl friend calling and talking on the phone if not the 911 operator?

2. Why would his girl friend call someone other then the 911 when it was the commotion that happened in their backyard that drew their attention and caused them to mute their TV to investigate?

3. There were 6 calls from the residents of the building to 911 that night. The first call was logged in at 7:1611 but this witness John was the 4th caller to 911 which logged in at 7:17:15.

4. Why did it take John more than a minute from the time he left his backporch door to the time he went upstair to call 911? What’s the reason for the prolonged delay in such an emergency situation? Was there something to hide?

5. When John said he yelled out to the two on the ground that night, why wasn’t his yelling heard in the 911 call called in by the first caller at 7:16:11?

6. If the witness who lived across from John claimed to have heard him yelled those words, why wasn’t his yell captured in the first 911 call?

Those are questions that boggle my mind.

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Why must you lie for George Zimmerman, Mr. Bill Lee?

The killing of Trayvon Martin by George Zimmerman would have been just a local event if it had been properly handled by the Sanford Police Department (SPD). In cahoots with the previous State Attorney Norman Wolfinger, the then police chief Bill Lee of the SPD thought they could cleanly sweep this case under the rug and let the killer go free based solely on the face value of his words that he shot and killed Trayvon in self-defense. After all, what is the value of the life of a black kid who was considered to be “up to no good” by his killer?

The perversion of Justice by the now defunct and fired ex-police chief Bill Lee and his minions at the SPD from day one is so glaringly apparent with their bungling of the investigation and their attempt to influence eyewitness testimony to Zimmerman’s favor.

If Bill Lee and his officers had done their job diligently in their investigation, they would have already looked for blood evidence on the concrete surface where Zimmerman claimed his head was repeatedly slammed into for nearly a minute. Wasn’t that a basic and logical step in an investigation?

Mr. Bill Lee, why didn’t your investigators use luminol chemiluminescence test on the concrete blocks to look for traces of blood evidence instead of digging for excuses to protect Zimmerman from arrest and charges?

Instead of doing your job diligently and impartially in your investigation of a killing event, you and your minions had taken sides already and were playing politics to change the outcome. Remember the leaks from your SPD on Trayvon’s school trouble?

What’s that all about if not to sway public opinion from Zimmerman towards an unfavorable sentiment against the slain victim that persists even to this day?

Using your position and power to influence the course of the investigation to your desired outcome, you attempted to preclude proper investigation that would lead to stronger probable cause for an arrest and charges (not that there weren’t sufficient probable cause for an arrest already).

While Lee was in charge of the Sanford Police, they did not test Zimmerman for drugs or alcohol, “corrected” a key witness, and amended the police report to bolster Zimmerman’s claim of self-defense.

Another thing, Mr. Lee, you said:

The call taker’s suggestion is not a lawful order that Mr. Zimmerman would be required to follow.

Isn’t that very obvious that you will go overboard to put down your own police dispatcher and degrade him into merely a call taker in your effort to bending over backward for an armed killer of an unarmed child?

Your call taker’s suggestion may not be a lawful order but it was a damn good advice for a reckless behavior which you, as a police officer, seemed to condone and encourage. That’s a disgrace for your position!

The outright internal manipulation of the police investigation, the public backing of Zimmerman by Bill Lee at all cost and his apparent bias against Trayvon who couldn’t speak on his own behalf,  all stink to high heaven.

Instead of being an impartial police chief, Bill Lee bent over backwards and acted like he was Zimmerman’s surrogate father and defense counsel both wrapped into one and overzealously sided with Zimmerman with false declaration, saying, Zimmerman’s claim of self-defense was corroborated by all physical evidence and testimonies, which we all now know that is not true.

Here is what Bill Lee said as reported by the Miami Herald:

“Mr. Zimmerman’s claim is that the confrontation was initiated by Trayvon,” Police Chief Bill Lee said in an interview. “I am not going into specifics of what led to the violent physical encounter witnessed by residents.

All the physical evidence and testimony we have independent of what Mr. Zimmerman provides corroborates this claim to self-defense.”

To claim self-defense, someone has to show there was danger of great bodily harm or death, Lee said. “Zimmerman had injuries consistent with his story,” Lee said.

Zimmerman had a damp shirt, grass stains, a bloody nose and was bleeding from a wound in back of his head, according to police reports.

“If someone asks you, ‘Hey do you live here?’ is it OK for you to jump on them and beat the crap out of somebody?” Lee said. “It’s not.”

Mr. Bill Lee, what you claimed above were not and are not true in any way shape or form and you knew it then as you know it now since you have access to all the evidence and testimonies at hand at your disposal at all time.

From the evidence dump which we the public have seen so far, there are so many physical evidence and eyewitness testimonies that contradict and refute Zimmerman’s various versions of event surrounding that night when he shot and killed Trayvon Martin.

Even Zimmerman himself couldn’t get his own stories straight and had to put words into the non-emergency dispatcher’s mouth to explain away why he had to get out of his truck to look for a nonsensical address that nobody asked.

Now, back to your words of defense in Zimmerman’s cause. First, you made the claim that “Zimmerman had a damp shirt, grass, stains …”

What the heck does a damp shirt prove, Mr. Lee?

Don’t you know that it was raining on and off that night? So, of course Zimmerman would have a damp shirt. That doesn’t prove he was a victim of a vicious attack by Trayvon, if you know anything about logic at all. By the way, Zimmerman looked totally dry and pristine in the picture both of his jacket and his jeans, front and back.

He even had his inner shirt neatly tucked in while being in handcuff as seen in the SPD surveillance video despite his alleged shimmy act through 47 feet of wet and grassy ground on his back while being pinned down.

For your information, Trayvon also had a damp hoodie jacket and a damp inner sweat shirt as noted by the medical examiner. By your logic, does that also prove that Zimmerman viciously attacked Trayvon?

About your assertion of grass stains, where are the grass stains according to your own SPD’s evidence? Here is the picture of Zimmerman’s orange-red jacket that was taken by your SPD a few hours after the shooting incident:

The grass stain

Where are the grass stains, Bill Lee?

Now, tell me Mr. Lee, where are the grass stains you had talked about? Apparently, they weren’t there, were they?

Mr. Bill Lee, you also claimed that “Zimmerman had ….. a bloody nose and was bleeding from a wound in back of his head, according to police reports.”

However, Mr. Lee, where is the conclusive medical evidence to support your claim based on your police report? Where is the X-ray or CAT scan of Zimmerman’s nose on the night of February 26 when he claimed Trayvon broke his nose?

Right, there wasn’t any X-ray or CAT scan to prove conclusively that Zimmerman had a broken nose because he refused to be transported to the hospital. The diagnosis by a physician assistant of his family health care provider he visited the next day for work related requirement merely stated “probable broken nose” based on what Zimmerman told her.

Your police officers who wrote the reports were not physicians and therefore their obvious bias opinion should not be in the reports in the first place let alone being cited by you as conclusive medical proof. Obviously, you are so bias in favor of Zimmerman that you would sell out your professional integrity, if there was any to begin with, to pervert justice to benefit the killer of an unarmed teenager.

Pro-zimmerman supporters, fueled by your public support and lies for Zimmerman about his bloody broken nose, claimed that Zimmerman had two black eyes to prove he had broken nose.

But, take a look at this SPD picture below taken some four hours after the tragic event:

Where's the black eye?

Where were the black eyes?

Now, tell me, where were the so-called “two black eyes”?

There was no skin puffiness, not even the slightest sign of mild swelling or impending ecchymosis (bruise) forming around the eyes. Everything looked normal on his facial shot except for a mild to moderate nose swelling and a tiny scratch on the top of the bridge of his nose that appeared to have scabbed over already. How did a fresh wound scab over so fast within a few hours?

Now, if his nose could show some sign of swelling within few hours, why wouldn’t his eyes showed some puffy tenderness if there was to have impending black eyes to follow?

It’s highly unlikely that he got his nose scratch from a punch to the nose by Trayvon’s fist. Some suggested that Zimmerman might have suffered the scratch from Trayvon’s fingernail. But, the forensic evidence showed no DNA evidence of Zimmerman in Trayvon’s fingernail scrapings.

More than likely, Zimmerman suffered a scratch to his nose when he bumped against the tree while trying to detain Trayvon as Trayvon pulled away from him towards the south direction. Or, he might have a fight with his wife, Shellie, sometimes or a few days before he encountered Trayvon, which could explain the scab formation. Remember his jail house telephone conversation with Shellie in which he said that their previous problems they had against each other have become pale in comparison to what he is now going through?

But, but, but ….. I can almost hear pro-zimmerman supporters screaming in the background insisting that Zimmerman had two black eyes on the following day when he showed up for the reenactment video taping,

fake black eyes

George’s eye shadow makeup

Anyone here agree with me that Shellie not only did a good job in decorating Zimmerman’s head with those oversized butterfly ribbon knuckle bandages but she also did a marvellous job of applying her eye shadow makeup on Zimmerman’s eyes?

For sure. one thing Shellie forgot to do for her hubby’s reenactment video was applying magic with her red lipstick on Zimmerman to make him all bloodied up if not only for the rosy red lip appeal which she apparently did on him in his “begging-for-money” video as seen here below:

Georgie’s appealing rosy red lips

However much facial make-over performed on Zimmerman by his dutiful wife, he still could not come up with a puffy eye to compliment the eye shadow job she did on him to fool anyone with a keen eye.

But, have you ever wondered why the MMA fighters often ended up with swollen bloody face and puffy eyes almost immediately during the fight, sometimes within minutes, and not after the next day?

MMA fighter with a swollen bloody face during the fight and not overnight

Remember, we are talking about very skilful and very well seasoned MMA fighters, such as Chris Tuchscherer above, who know how to duck and block incoming punches versus Zimmerman’s claim that he was just laying there taking in all the face pummeling and head slamming for almost a minute.

These people whose carreer is nothing but fighting for most of their adult life, taking punches and having broken nose and swollen bloody face almost all the times.

Yet, lo and behold, Zimmerman scored much better than any well-trained and well-seasoned MMA fighters , even after being beaten viciously in the face and having head pounded for nearly a minute to near death, only to come out virtually unscathed and looking like he just had too much fun from a dance party when he arrived at the police station:

Video of Z

Police video of Zimmerman at the SPD

In any event, a broken nose does not necessary mean Zimmerman was punched in the face by Trayvon. He could have bumped his nose against the tree or hit the ground face down while slipping on wet surface. Again, Mr. Bill Lee, you are very short on logic at every turn.

Now, regarding your much ado about Zimmerman’s “bleeding from a wound in back of his head”, how do those two tiny cuts proved the injury was consistent with his story?

First, you don’t get two tiny linear cuts from head being savagely pounded into a rough concrete surface for nearly a minute. Try pounding a piece of steak for a minute with a pounder. I promise you, Mr. Lee, you won’t get two tiny linear cuts at the end of the nearly one minute pounding. What you ended up getting is a cube steak. In order to get two tiny clean cuts, you would use a knife or a sharp instrument and make two quick nipping cuts on the surface.

Second, if Zimmerman’s head was pounded on the concrete, he won’t get two tiny cuts so high up near the top of the top sidewise apart as seen in this SPD picture:

head wounds

Small cuts at the back of Zimmerman’s head

Notice in the above picture the occipital prominence protruding like the size of a grapefruit from the mid-section of Zimmerman’s head?

If Zimmerman was truly pounded senselessly into the concrete that night, we would have seen a round meshed like bloody wounds co-mingled with embedded dirty grits and debris at the occipital prominence instead of two clean tiny cuts at the location high up on his head, not to mention the likely fracture of the skull at the protruding occipital prominence and concussion and contusion to the brain from the repetitious traumatic impact on hard surface.

Third, as you said, Zimmerman ” was bleeding from a wound in back of his head”. If he was lying down at the bottom while Trayvon was allegedly on top of him doing the head pounding into the concrete for nearly a minute, how is it that the blood was trickling downwards and slightly sideways towards his neck and the side of his face near his mustache? How was that even possible? Notwithstanding the fact that none of the trickling bloods got down onto the neck collar of either of his clothings.

You, being the police chief, yet you couldn’t even tell apart such glaring inconsistency and contradiction between the blood flow evidence and Zimmerman’s account of the event?

Yet, you had the audacity to step up onto the podium and publicly declared that:

“All the physical evidence and testimony we have independent of what Mr. Zimmerman provides corroborates this claim to self-defense.”

What a bold face liar you are. Who did you think you could fool when you publicly declared that “Zimmerman had injuries consistent with his story”?

Yet, these are just the tip of the iceberg concerning the inconsistency, contradiction and impossibility that made up the bulk of Zimmerman’s various stories. To cover all his inconsistency, contradiction and his impossible acts, I would have to write a whole book in order to accomplish that.

However, the most hideous thing about the whole thing is that you not only perverted justice in favor of letting Zimmerman walk free with your discretionary abuse of Florida’s Stand Your Ground Law, but you also went overboard to make it a personal matter in publicly attacking the good name of Trayvon who was the unarmed child being chased down and gunned down by a killer who defied his law enforcement and criminal justice related training and had completely ignored the instruction of a police dispatcher.

Here is what you said during an interview in March:

“If someone asks you, ‘Hey do you live here?’ is it OK for you to jump on them and beat the crap out of somebody?”

To which you answered your own question:

“It’s not.”

Of course it is not OK to jump on someone and beat the crap out of him for simply asking, “Hey do you live here?”

But, where is your evidence that Trayvon suddenly turned into a psychomaniac for no apparent reason except for trying to run away at every turn from a stalker?

Where is your concrete evidence to support your implicated allegation that Trayvon “beat the crap out of” Zimmerman besides relying solely on the killer’s words?

The problem with you is that in your attempt to protect your buddy you fell head over heels in swallowing Zimmerman’s words hooks lines and sinkers without regards to what your own SPD evidence showed despite the aftermath of a blundered job.

Besides that, Zimmerman’s various versions of his stories didn’t even include the utterance: “Hey do you live here?”

In all Zimmerman’s accounts, he said he simply answered “NO” when asked by Trayvon, “Do you have a problem?”

The “Hey do you live here?” that would be something in the line of “What are you doing here?” which came from another source. And that would be from Deedee’s statement which showed you couldn’t even get your story straight.

Now, if you want to go by Deedee’s account, it would not be Trayvon jumping on Zimmerman. Instead, according to Deedee, Trayvon was on the phone talking to her when suddenly Zimmerman appeared out of nowhere and then he came near to Trayvon to which Trayvon asked him, “Why are you following me?”

Zimmerman then asked, “What are you doing here?” Then the next thing she heard was there was a push and Trayvon’s earpiece fell onto the grass. So, the evidence clearly suggests Zimmerman was the aggressor since he started profiling and chasing Trayvon up to this point.

Physical evidence from the medical examiner also showed that there was no evidence of Zimmerman’s DNA in Trayvon’s nail scraping. Also, there was no Zimmerman’s blood found on Trayvon’s cuffs and sleeves with all that brutal and bloody face punching, head slamming and nose/mouth smothering going on. Besides, there was also no mention of any trace of visible blood stain noted on Trayvon’s hands either. In addition, Trayvon’s DNA was also not found on Zimmerman’s gun or holster.

Evidently, according to forensic findings, there was no physical evidence whatsoever that showed Trayvon had his hands on Zimmerman or his weapon. On the other hand, there were forensic evidence of foreign blood and DNA profiles on Zimmerman’s clothing and weapon that neither belonged to Trayvon or Zimmerman himself but to a third and/or more parties. There was even a finding of blood DNA evidence that was non-human in origin found on Zimmerman’s clothing.

Now, tell me Mr. Lee, how is it possible if we were to believe Zimmerman’s story of his brutal attack by Trayvon and there was no forensic evidence of any kind on him from Trayvon with all that savage attack but there were bloods and foreign DNA evidence from other third parties and one from some animal?

Trayvon also had no history of violence against anyone in his past while Zimmerman had past history of violence, one domestic and the other battery against a law enforcement officer on duty at that time.

This pertinent aspect of Trayvon’s non-violent past versus Zimmerman’s violent history somehow escaped Bill Lee’s attention just as he conveniently ignored Zimmerman’s expetive language in his police non-emergency call right before he gave chase in pursuit of Trayvon.

To unilaterally suggest that Trayvon would beat the crap out of somebody without having all the evidence and testimony laid out before the judge and jury and cross-examined by the counsels, it is a disgrace that you had even once called yourself the police chief.

So, you see, Mr. Bill Lee. These are just the tip of the iceberge of the inconsistencies and contradictions that I addressed in response to your public statements. There are more to Zimmerman’s inconsistencies, contradictions and impossible maneuvers he described and reenacted in his reenactment video. But, you have the audacity to appeal publicly in your uniform to lie about there being no contradiction to Zimmerman’s stories and that all physical evidence and testimony were consistent to his claim of self-defense?

Zimmerman would plead not guilty is understandable. But as an officer of the law your overzealous behavior in defending an armed killer of an unarmed child with illogical justification in the face of bungled investigation is just odd.

But, it would be a great travesty of justice if you and your minions at the SPD and Wolfinger would get away with obstruction of justice in the case of Trayvon Martin’s death.

If the FBI or the appropriate authority would have failed to diligently pursue this perversion of justice which you and your minions tried to pull off, I hope the good people would rise up and demand justice for Trayvon Martin.

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Neil Armstrong: A great hero and a great American!


A great hero and a great American!

A truly great hero and a great American!



Born: Aug. 5, 1930. Wapakoneta, Ohio.  Called to be with the LORD: Aug. 25, 2012.

My Salute to you, Sir. America’s great hero! You will be greatly missed. Rest in peace, my friend.

“CINCINNATI (AP) — Neil Armstrong was a quiet self-described nerdy engineer who became a global hero when as a steely-nerved pilot he made “one giant leap for mankind” with a small step on to the moon. The modest man who had people on Earth entranced and awed from almost a quarter million miles away has died. He was 82.”

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Bill Lee acting like George’s lawyer

From the historical perspective, Zimmerman was well-known to the Sanford police department not only for his numerous calls to the SPD to report suspicious young black males in his neighborhood but also his involvement in the neighborhood watch program coordinated by the SPD. At the same time Zimmerman was familiarizing himself with the Sanford police work as part of his study in the criminal justice program.

Besides making himself available for riding along with the police on their routine street patrols, Zimmerman was also known to have outspokenly involved himself into the Sanford police internal affair. to the point of calling the police lazy.

Here is what Huffington Post had reported:

During a community forum on Jan. 8, 2011, more than a year before Martin was killed, Zimmerman, then a criminal justice student, told city officials he had ridden along with Sanford police officers on patrol. Zimmerman blasted Sanford police as lazy and criticized outgoing police chief Brian Tooley, who was forced from office in a scandal involving the son of an officer caught on tape beating a homeless black man.

“I would just like to state that the law is written in black and white, it can not be enforced by those who are in the thin blue line,” Zimmerman told an audience that included newly elected Mayor Jeff Triplett, according to an audio recording published by the Miami Herald. Zimmerman said he saw firsthand how bad Sanford police could be during his ride-alongs.

“What I saw was disgusting,” Zimmerman said, “The officer showed me his favorite hiding spots for taking naps, explained to me that he doesn’t carry a long gun in his vehicle because, in his words, ‘anything that requires a long gun requires a lot of paperwork, and you’re going to find me as far away from it.’” Zimmerman continued: “He took two lunch breaks and attended a going away party for one of his fellow officers.”

Ironically, Zimmerman was reported to have also played a significant role in the internal change of the SPD in an assault case involving the then police chief, Brian Tooley, who was accused of coddling a white Sanford police lieutenant’s son from arrest. The lieutenant’s son was accused of assaulting a black homeless man who ended up in the hospital with severe head injury. Zimmerman was said to have involved in that protest that resulted in the ouster of Tooley and the subsequent appointment of Bill Lee as the new police chief.

Before Bill Lee took over the Sanford police department as police chief he was an adjunct instructor and the associate dean at the Seminole State College of Florida starting in 1990 until he took the position of police chief at the Sanford police department in May 2011.

Coincidentally, Zimmerman was also a student at the same college where Bill Lee was at one time the associate dean.

Here is what the Huffington Post had reported:

Zimmerman has been an on-and-off student at the college since 2003. As of 2009, he was working towards an Associate in Arts degree.

From theGrio, it reported as follows:

Also included in the release: records from Zimmerman’s time at Seminole State College, where he was studying criminal justice in 2009 and 2011.

Given what we know of the past connection occurring between Zimmerman and the now fired ex-police chief Bill Lee, it is very hard to believe Bill Lee’s claim that he did not know who Zimmerman was prior to the shooting incident.

Here is what was reported in the May 23 Miami Herald:

From the start, attorneys for Trayvon’s family have said that as a wannabe cop, Zimmerman had been protected by the “blue wall.” Police Chief Bill Lee denied knowing Zimmerman, who was a criminal justice student at the same community college where Lee conducted police academy training for new recruits.

Now, from the recent evidence dump wherein a FBI investigation uncovered that Zimmerman even had an email exchange with Bill Lee long before this incidence. Did Bill Lee thought the public would not possibly have any access to his private email account that he thought it safe he could just lie about it?

Then we have this video surfaced showing Zimmerman walked unescorted in the SPD three days after the shooting:

Another thing. In early March, when Bill Lee stepped up to the podium to address the public accusation of SPD’s mishandling of this case in not arresting Zimmerman, he acted more like a defense lawyer if not his surrogate father than a police chief.

Instead of being impartial and simply telling the public that the SPD is still conducting their investigation into this case, Bill Lee went overboard as a police chief in denigrating the slain unarmed teenage victim based solely on the armed killer’s words.

Here is what was reported by the Miami Herald:

“Mr. Zimmerman’s claim is that the confrontation was initiated by Trayvon,” Police Chief Bill Lee said in an interview. “I am not going into specifics of what led to the violent physical encounter witnessed by residents.

All the physical evidence and testimony we have independent of what Mr. Zimmerman provides corroborates this claim to self-defense.”

To claim self-defense, someone has to show there was danger of great bodily harm or death, Lee said. “Zimmerman had injuries consistent with his story,” Lee said.

Zimmerman had a damp shirt, grass stains, a bloody nose and was bleeding from a wound in back of his head, according to police reports.

“If someone asks you, ‘Hey do you live here?’ is it OK for you to jump on them and beat the crap out of somebody?” Lee said. “It’s not.”

Trayvon jumped on Zimmerman and beat the crap out of him?

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Sanford police mishandling of Trayvon Martin case

Trayvon Martin

He was just walking hone with a candy and a can of drink.

A “late teen”- full of life and promises, and fully loved by his parents, teachers and friends, who had just celebrated his 17th birthday three weeks prior to the tragic event of February 26 was just minding his own business when suddenly he was spotted and subsequently followed, first by car and then by foot.  Wrongly profiled by a so-called neighborhood watch coordinator as being “suspicious”, the teenager, Trayvon Benjamin Martin was then mysteriously shot to death following a dark night chase in a common courtyard of a gated community where he was staying as a guest.

The unsuspecting kid was walking home with a bag of skittles and a can of drink he had just bought from the 7-11 store and was on the cell phone chatting with his girl friend in a drizzle around 7 p.m. that Sunday evening. 

Heading home for him at that time was heading towards the house of his father’s girlfriend, Brandy Green, at the Retreat at Twin Lakes in Sanford where he was visiting with his father. The unexpected tragic encounter with his killer, George Michael Zimmerman, took place that night beside a walkway in between two rows of town houses just 70 yards north of Brandy’s house. Zimmerman then claimed the shooting was in self-defense.

Trayvon Martin was just a typical American teenager.

In the non-emergency call to the Sanford police department (SPD) Zimmerman deemed Trayvon Martin “suspicious”  simply for walking slowly in the rain wearing a hoodie and “looking at houses”.  Even the dispatcher, after hearing Zimmerman’s description of what Trayvon was doing, simply remarked, “OK, he’s just walking around the area…” 

Being a teenager Trayvon certainly had his fair share of typical teenage adventures.  But, nothing serious. He had no police record nor any record of run-ins with the law unless you want to consider walking slowly in the rain wearing a hoodie and looking at houses while being black a crime. But, overall he was a good kid with outstanding academic and athletic performance.

However, Zimmerman’s supporters would want us to believe that being suspended from school for possessing an empty bag with marijuana residue found in it and being involved in some unsubstantiated “up to no good” twitter entries that were completely unrelated to the night of February 26 would somehow translate into some kind of thuggish behavior that justifies Zimmerman’s right to kill an unarmed teenager.

Ordinarily, cases like this are just local news when handled properly by the police department. The fallout from this case that led to the public outcry and nationwide calls for justice for Trayvon Martin stemmed from the SPD’s mishandling of this case from day one.

For starters, Zimmerman was treated with kid gloves at the onset of the police investigation while justice for Trayvon was swept under the rug. Trayvon was given a cold shoulder because the dead  “suspect”, who was simply an unknown  black “John Doe”, was from the get go deemed “up to no good”.

So, even though on the night the partial police report was generated and completed by 3:07 a.m. on Feb 27, Zimmerman had already gone home with his wife without suffering an arrest. Trayvon Martin’s body, however, was laying cold in the morgue still being tagged as “John Doe” unbeknown to his parents of his dire circumstance of unfortunate demise. Neglected, he laid pretty much forgotten by the police investigators even though in the police report it had already identified him as “VICTIM-JUVENILE: MARTIN, TRAYVON BENJAMIN”.

(I wondered how the SPD managed to find out the identity of Trayvon so quickly that night given that he had no I.D. with him but was unable to dig out anything about Zimmerman’s previous run-ins with the laws or so they said. But, somehow they were able to say that Zimmerman had a “squeaky clean” record).

In the police report, Trayvon’s birth day, birth place, address and telephone number were all listed in the partial report, but the Martin family wasn’t even contacted until the next morning when his father, Tracy Martin, called to report his son missing. On that night, Trayvon’s father said he had tried to call his son’s cell phone several times without getting any response. Yet, Trayvon’s cell phone was just laying there in the police custody.

Zimmerman claimed he shot Trayvon in self-defense. Instead of being transported by the ambulance to the hospital for medical check up and treatment of his supposedly “severe” head injuries, he was transported to SPD for a five-hour friendly “chit-chats” with investigators D. Singleton and Chris Serino.  

According to theGrio:

When 28-year-old George Zimmerman was discovered by Sanford, Florida police standing over the body of 17-year-old Trayvon Martin, they accepted Zimmerman’s claim that he killed in self-defense as a neighborhood watch captain.

This was a travesty of justice because Zimmerman, being a crime suspect possessing physical evidence by his head injuries, was given a preferential treatment.

Never mind the state’s interest to collect, document and preserve crime scene evidence on his physical body, he was allowed to decide whether or not to be transported to the hospital. Very early on in the investigation, the SPD had already taken Zimmerman’s claim of self-defense solely at face value despite all the inconsistencies that were apparent at the onset.

If Zimmerman had been arrested that night for killing an unarmed teenager who was not committing any crime, he would have no choice but to be transported to the hospital for medical evaluation.

His physical injuries would then have been documented and his nose injury would be radiographically examined and conclusively diagnosed at the hospital by the medical professionals. Together with all the wound pictures, X-rays/CT scan and any other tests performed, they would have been preserved as physical evidence for the prosecution to either exonerate or refute Zimmerman’s claim of self-defense.

For the SPD’s decision not to arrest or charge George Zimmerman on the night of the shooting the Special Prosecutor now has to make do with the lost of the valuable medical evidence of Zimmerman’s head and nose trauma soon after the event.  Whether the wounds were consistent with his head being punched and slammed repeatedly for almost a minute into the concrete walkway as he claimed would be contested. But, there are other evidence to refute his claim, even from his own sources, such as his medical report from his family physician’s office.

Such loss of medical findings is Zimmerman’s gain. Or so he thought. That’s why despite his claim of being severely beaten and slammed in the head, he steadfast repeatedly refused to be taken to the hospital for examination. Also in evidence was his refusal to heed the medical advice of his own medical care provider to see the Ear, Nose and Throat specialists.

For apparently he knew his head wasn’t repeatedly being pounded into the concrete as he claimed. He also knew his face wasn’t pummeled senseless nor his nose broken as claimed. To do so would have exposed his lies he played on the gullible SPD and certain segment of the American public.

If his claim of severe head slamming were true, wouldn’t he let the hospital medical professionals evaluate and thoroughly checked out his head injury? After all, hidden brain contusion or hemorrhage can turn fatal very quickly and suddenly.

If he had gone to such an extend as to take an unarmed teenager’s life to save his own as he claimed, why wasn’t he concerned about his head injury that could turn fatal internally? Why was he adamantly refusing against advice from the police, the EMS and his own medical provider to have his head injury medically checked out to prevent imminent death arising from possible medical complications that could potentially arise after having his head severely pounded into the concrete to the point of “exploding”?

Or, was it because saving his life was never an issue on the night of February 26 when he shot and kill an unarmed teenager? So, more likely than not per his aftermath behavior, was that his life was never in danger. More likely than not, the story of his head being repeated pounded was just a necessary script to turn his cold-blooded killing into a self-defense claim.

Also, if his claimed were true, wouldn’t he want his head trauma to be medically verified to substantiate his claim of self-defense?

As we know, before or around midnight that night and during a visit by Zimmerman’s father at the scene or the police station, a decision was quickly made from higher up in the SPD chain involving Bill Lee in conjunction with Wolfinger to “cut him loose.”

Here is what was reported by theGlio of the NBC News:

A source with knowledge of the investigation into the shooting of Trayvon Martin tells theGrio that it was then Sanford police chief Bill Lee, along with Capt. Robert O’Connor, the investigations supervisor, who made the decision to release George Zimmerman on the night of February 26th, after consulting with State Attorney Norman Wolfinger — in person.

Wolfinger’s presence at the scene or at the police department in the night of a shooting would be unusual, according to the source. On a typical case, police contact the state attorney’s office and speak with an on duty assistant state attorney; they either discuss the matter by phone or the on duty assistant state attorney comes to the crime scene – but rarely the state attorney him or herself.

The decision not to charge was made by the now defunct/fired ex-Sanford police chief, Bill Lee, after a consultation with  the State Attorney, Norman Wolfinger, who had since recused himself from this case.

One thing that I find unsettling is Wolfinger’s letter to Florida Governor Rick Scott for his recusal from the case. In it he stated that his recusal was necessary “to avoid even the appearance of a conflict of interest.”  What was the conflict of interest he alluded to? We can only guess because he did not disclose it.

But, soon after, Bill Lee followed suit and stepped down as the Sanford police chief along the same line of reason.

Apparently, there was something going on between Wolfinger and Bill Lee and quite possibly the father of George Zimmerman during the meeting in the dark shadow of their coming together that a decision was made to “cut Zimmerman loose” on the Florida’s Stand Your Ground law on the night of February 26.


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